Vision Treatment for Physical Therapist

What Is Physical Therapy For Vision And What Can It Do?

If you were to mention physical therapy to most people, they would most likely imagine the type of therapy comes after a car accident, stroke, or some other kind of physical impairment. However, there is also physical therapy for vision where a doctor helps the patient performed various eye exercises and maneuvers in order to help them achieve vision correction as an alternative to wearing glasses. According to Dr. Bates, most of the problems associated with vision were due to the continual strain on the eye muscles due to long hours of up close work.

With Physical Therapy For Vision, Most Problems Could Be Corrected

The first part of the treatment would involve eliminating most of the causes of the eye strain so that the eyes could then begin recovery. Then there are a series of specific exercises that need to be practiced in order to help the eyes readjust to viewing things normally.

The other part of the theory was that by constantly viewing things up close, many of the muscles became trained at to be tense at all times, which caused the eyes to be out of focus when trying to view things at different distances. So some of the exercises were designed to actually help relax those muscles while strengthening the muscles opposing them.

Since the eyes are almost directly connected to the brain, unlike any other organ in our bodies, they are practically extensions of the brain. Many of the exercises were also designed to help train the brain to control the muscles of the eyes and help them focus naturally without the use of glasses.

Vision Treatment for Physical Therapy
Vision Treatment for Physical Therapy

When Searching For Information On Vision Therapy, Consider The Source

Vision therapy has been in existence for nearly a hundred years and is a well-known therapy amongst optometrists, however, when looking on the Internet you’ll find quite a few web pages that are solely designed to sell certain products that may or may not have been designed scientifically or by a doctor.

So in many cases, it’s important to look and see who is selling the product and if they are in fact in the optometric profession at all. In addition to that, there is a group of ophthalmologists that deny the efficacy of vision therapy at all. For some reason, ophthalmologists and optometrists tend to disagree when he comes to physical therapy for vision.

There Are Many Examples Where Learning Disabilities Are Due To Vision Problems

Many times when a child has what is considered to be a lazy eye, they have extreme difficulties learning how to read. This is because as they look at a page one of their eyes is perfectly trained on the sentences, while the other one is out of focus and actually pointing in the wrong direction.This causes the words to appear to bounce around on the page, making it almost impossible to read.

By using special eye exercises during vision therapy located in city of Pocatello, it is possible to retrain the muscles in the lazy eye in order for it to learn to stay steady and work in tandem with the other eye.

If you have a problem with your vision, or your child is having difficulty learning to read, it’s important to get several opinions from both ophthalmologists and optometrists before you make a decision on what to do. It’s possible one will say there is no problem at all, while the other will offer a perfect solution instead.

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